Welcome to ONWAAARD!

Welcome to my fandom store, Onwaaard!

Hi, I'm Seth Davis. Many people may recognize me as Linkmaster General on various social media platforms. It has been my passion to create memes, GIFs, and a variety of other content for over 12 years. So too, has it been a dream of mine to create fun, print-on-demand products for sale that benefit everyone involved.
To me, those key stakeholders are:
  • The Buyer. The fan who is wants cool merchandise while also supporting creatives behind the item.
  • The IP Owner. The person or entity that holds the intellectual property rights.
  • The Artist. The individual putting in the skill and effort to make something magical for fans.
  • The Marketer. The person promoting the magic.
  • Me (DigbyDavis, LLC). The person bringing all these pieces together.
It's probably not common or competitive to share my business model, but I'm not here to squeeze blood from a stone, or fill my pages with pathetic AI content.
My goal is to support creators with every purchase. I plan to do that through shared percentages. These are rough goals and don't represent actual numbers. Things like taxes and hidden fees effect hitting these percentages exactly.
The distribution of each purchase (not including shipping) is split as follows:
  • 50% to the POD company to fulfill the purchase.
  • 10% to the IP Owner
  • 15% to the Artist
  • 15% to the Marketer, and
  • 10% to DigbyDavis, LLC
Thanks for visiting, please enjoy looking around.
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